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struck so cold…

I was struck so cold, so horrified, so silent.  I didn’t know what to say, and of course it makes no difference.

Jordan has told you that I’m heading the same way as Dinouch.  I can’t talk anymore, and I’m having trouble walking.  I’m expecting to lose more over time.  It’s a horror show in slow motion.

We can do nothing for the end of life;  all we can do is live it as fully as we can;  and do for our friends and children all we can.  Cheap sentiments;  unfortunately for us they are true. I would do anything for Newla.

You’re right;  Dinouch was so true, straight as an arrow into the heart.  I think of her every day.  I remember, one day, Dinouch and I were walking down the street in San Francisco.  A man stopped her, and asked her if she were going out with someone.  She said yes.  The man sighed and said, « Then that man is the luckiest man in the world. »  and left us.  Dinouch threw me a look and said, « what is the problem with Americans – they are all so crazy! » and went on her way.

And I think of you, and Newla, and Dalaag;  you are four stars in the sky.


TOMI PIERCE (1953-2010)


Une réflexion sur “struck so cold…

  1. Tu es partie aujourd’hui,

    Tu nous as laissé le temps, de te dire adieu milles fois…

    Mais cela ne rend pas cet instant plus aimable… La douleur est la même, aussi brutale et inconcevable que de perdre Dinouch.

    Tu es partie aujourd’hui,

    Et ce grand vide s’agrandit…

    Je serai là bientôt, trop tard, mais là pour ceux qui t’aiment et qui, meurtris, te pleurent et regrettent de ne pas avoir su te dire Adieu…

    Dinouch et toi partageaient la même insatiable soif de rendre le monde plus beau, plus doux à ceux que vous aimiez.

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